Business and Employment Support and Training

"Achieving the best through partnership"


Financial Training including:

Basic Book-keeping (1 day), Finance Policy Workshop (1 day), Accounting and Reporting by Charities SORP (1 day), Charity Financial Management (2 days), Day to Day Money Management (1 day), Presenting Financial Information (1 day) and QuickBooks training (ad hoc). Go to Products for more information on QuickBooks.

"Excellent! I will use the learning immediately! I now have a thorough understanding of costings and budgets and an overview of charity management." Charity Financial Management Course

"Very beneficial for running the financial side of a society or organisation"..."I feel I have learned a lot and also from the discussion on the day I learned about subjects that I didn't expect to cover". Day to Day Money Management

Governance Training including:

The Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees (1 day), Developing a Business Plan (1 day), the Roles of the Chairperson and Secretary (1day) and workshops on policy development (ad hoc).

"I think all trustees should be required to attend trustee/Governance training. It gives clarity and understanding of role and responsibilities. Also risk and liability. Thank you" (Cyfannol Womens Aid 2018)

On 20th October 2018 Shirley delivered Trustee Training to ABSLTA (Association of British Sign Language Tutors and Assessors) in BSL. Feedback showed 78% rated the training overall as Very Good and 22% as Good. Comments were "So professional, theory so clear".."Really enjoyed learning and help improve what Trustees definition"..."It started us thinking about ABSLTA's future and where we want it to go".."confirm some of prior knowledge. Address some knowledge gaps".."Very useful, learnt a lot that not aware of before".

Tailor-made courses are designed on request. This can be for traditional delivery or online. For example, Shirley David has previously worked with Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) to develop online training for trustees on reading and approving the accounts.